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Yantai-Dalian Railway Ferry

Yantai-Dalian Ferry starts from Changlingzi Station, Dalian in the north and ends at Zhuji Station, Yantai in the south, which is the first oceanic railway corridor of over 100km, the transport dis...more

Beijing EMU Depot

Beijing EMU Depot Basement covers an area of 120 hectares with the investment of 7.4 billion Yuan. There are 24 maintenance tracks for level Ⅲ, level Ⅳ and level Ⅴmaintenances, and 70 stabling s...more

Lhasa River Bridge

Lhasa River Bridge is one of the symbolic projects of Qinghai-Tibet plateau railway which stresses over Lhasa River. The overall length of the bridge is 940.85m, and the main bridge is as long as 1...more