Technical Innovation

CRDC has established National and Local Joint Engineering Laboratory of Rail Transit Survey and Design and National Engineering Laboratory for Digital Build and Evaluation Technique of Urban Rail Transit System. It also possesses R&D platforms such as Academician Expert Program, Postdoctoral Scientific Research Program and etc.

CRDC has made studies on a series of major topics, including Key Technologies of HSR Vibration and Noise Reduction, Research and Simulation of Train-Track-Bridge Coupling Dynamics, Design and Evaluation of HSR Linear Dynamics, etc.

CRDC has obtained important achievements in the field of comprehensive monitoring and detection, comprehensive exploration, advanced aerial survey and remote sensing, 3 dimensional (BIM) technology, ballastless track, high quality bridge, settlement and deformation control, noise and vibration reduction, and etc. Its survey and design methods have reached internationally advanced level.

Rail Transit Survey with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Digitized Graph Workstation

Self-developed New-type Simplified and Unitized OCS

InSAR-based Ground Settlement Monitoring Technology

BIM Technology applied in all professions during the whole process of design for Beijing-Xiong’an Intercity Railway (Nantong EMU Depot)

Onboard Laser Scanning Technology