Engineering Industrialization

Relying on the advantages of comprehensive technologies and talent highland, CRDC has formed three major series of technical products, i.e. “Technical Service”, “Physical Product” and “System Integration”.

Technical Service

Based on railway intelligent and informatization technologies and aiming at the assurance of construction quality, the improvement of working efficiency and the maintenance of railway equipment operation safety, CRDC has conducted researches on market demand oriented technical products for the periods of railway construction and operation, and developed many patented products, such as OCS cantilever and dropper pre-configure software, rapid intelligent detection system for ballastless track slab, monitoring and detection system for HSR construction, operation and maintenance, and so on. Their technical values are realized by means of patent authorization or technical services.

Rapid Intelligent Detection System for Ballastless Track Slab

Physical Product

Based on railway environmental-friendly technologies, CRDC has conducted researches on market demand-oriented modernized and improved products, developed and promoted many new products, including bridge bearings, vacuum sewage discharging equipment, subgrade landscape blanket, assembly type security post, self-balanced ground source heat pump unit, and etc., which has improved the level of railway equipment modernization.

Vacuum Sewage Discharging Equipment

System Integration

For improving integrated value of equipment, by virtue of professional technical advantages, CRDC provides systematic integration services of equipment to meet the requirements of railway operation safety, improve production efficiency, and reduce operation costs. A series of technical products have been developed and popularized, such as system integrations of tunnel disaster prevention and rescue equipment monitoring, HSR EMU equipment, locomotive and rolling stock equipment, and so on.

Tunnel Disaster Prevention and Rescue Equipment Monitoring System