Overseas Business

With the experience in over 160 overseas projects in more than 60 countries worldwide and the establishment of 8 overseas branches, CRDC has become a backbone enterprise of China Railway 'Go Global' Strategy, covering transport network planning, survey and design of large-scale infrastructure projects, project management (employer’s representative), EPC and etc.

Indonesia Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway

Indonesia Jakarta-Bandung High-speed Railway is one of the key projects of China Railway “Go Global”. The total length of the project is 142.2km with the highest design speed of 350km/h. CRDC is undertaking survey and design for the whole process. 

Tanzania-Zambia Railway(TAZARA)

TAZARA starts from Dar es Salaam (Tanzania) in the east and ends at New Kapiri Mposhi (Zambia) in the west, totaling 1,861km long. The survey and design started in April, 1968. In July, 1976, the railway was officially handed over to the governments of Tanzania and Zambia for commercial operation. CRDC completed the survey and design for the whole line in 1970s, and undertook the feasibility study on the rehabilitation of TAZARA in 2012.

China-Thailand Railway Project

Key project of the China railway "go global" strategy.CRDC undertakes the study design of Bangkok-Chiangmai and Bangkok-Nongkhai railway projects.

Hungary (Budapest) – Serbia (Belgrade) Railway

Flagship project of “Belt and Road Initiative” --- Hungary-Serbia Railway Project is a capacity expansion and double-tracking upgrading project of the standard gauge railway. Design speed is 200 km/h and total length is 350 km. CRDC is undertaking survey and design for the whole process along with local enterprises.


Lahore Rapid Mass Transit System Orange Line in Pakistan

The Orange Line is approximately 26.23km long, is to be constructed in accordance with Chinese standards. CRDC is responsible for feasibility study, concept design, and E&M system construction drawing design of the project.


Malaysia East Coast Rail Link (ECRL)

ECRL connects Port Klang (the largest port of west coast) and Kota Bahru with the total length of 640km. It is the largest economic and trade cooperation project between Malaysia and China. CRDC acts as the Independent Consulting Engineer of the project.


Lao-China Railway

Lao-China Railway (Boten-Vientiane) is located within the territory of Laos, connecting the proposed Yuxi-Mohan Railway (China) in the north and connecting the proposed Bangkok-Nong Khai Railway (Thailand) in the south. Total length of the railway is 414.3km. CRDC is providing the design consultancy and engineering supervision services for the project.

Kenya Mombasa-Nairobi Railway

Kenya Mombasa-Nairobi Railwayis a standard-gauge railway connecting Mombasa (a port city) with Nairobi (the capital of Kenya) with the total length of 470.9km. As the leading party of the consortium with local consultants, CRDC undertakes design review, construction supervision, equipment procurement and installation consultancy for the project as well as performs construction management as the Employer’s Representative of Kenya Railways Corporation.


Philippine National Railways South Long Haul Project

Philippine National Railways South Long Haul Project is located in the southern part of Luzon Island, about 639km long in total. CRDC provides full-process project management consultancy for the project.