Project Performance of TSDI in Domestic Engineering General Contracting

1. Engineering General Contracting

The integrating engineering of communication, signaling, traction power supply and electric power supply in newly-constructed Shijiazhuang-Taiyuan Passenger Dedicated Line. TSDI designed communication, signaling, traction power supply of whole line, length of which is 255km, and took the responsibility of equipment purchasing, civil engineering construction, installation, debugging, completion test, skilled service, defect repairing and so on. This project is completed on April, 2009.


2. Solar photovoltaic (PV) grid power generation in Shanghai Hongqiao Station of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway

This project is invested by China energy conservation investment co.,Ltd, and located in southern and northern canopies of Shanghai Hongqiao Passenger Station of Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway. Total area of solar panels installation is 45 0000 ㎡ with a total installed capacity of 6.688Mw, power generation output is 6300000 kwh per year, annual reduction of carbon dioxide emission of more than 66000000 ton, annual conservation of standard coal of 2254 ton. TSDI, as general contractor of construction, takes the responsibility of project designing, equipment and material purchasing, engineering construction, test after completion, service within defects liability period etc. This project was connecting to grid to generate power in July 2010. This is the largest photovoltaic architecture in China at present.



3. Transition field and test track in Lvshun Base of Dalian locomotive plant

CNR group Dalian locomotive vehicle co,. ltd invested in the construction of this project, which is located in Dalian. The newly-constructed railway line is 4.6km long and the re-constructed railway line is 0.9km long, gauge of which are 1000mm, 1435mm and 1520mm. TSDI, as general contractor of this project, took the responsibility of whole working process, such as survey, design, purchase of equipment and material, engineering construction, completion inspection and acceptance, service within defects liability period. This project is being constructed, and is planned to complete construction in June, 2015.



4. First phase of newly-constructed local railway from Xing County to Baode County

This project is a set of construction of railway channel in central and southern part of Shanxin province, which is invested by Shanxi Shiqi railway transportation and distribution Co. Ltd. Main line is 17.12km long and loop line is 1.6km long. Total investment is 2 billion RMB. TSDI, as general contractor of engineering construction, took the responsibility of survey, design, equipment and material purchasing, engineering construction, completion inspection and acceptance, service within defect liability period. Construction of this project was started in April, 2013, and will be completed in February, 2016.



Owner Representative

1.Supporting municipal engineering of terminal integration in Jinan West Railway Station of Beijing - Shanghai High-Speed Railway

This project is located in Jinan west railway station, Shandong Province. Total investment is 2.4 billion RMB. TSDI took the responsibility of owner representative in the scale of project planning and designing, management of early stage planning, scheme, survey and design, construction installation and afflicted construction. The service cycle is four years from October 2008 to September 2012.