Performance of Regional Planning Projects

TSDI has participated in several planning projects, for example:


National Railway Network Planning

The Third Railway Survey and Design Institute Group Corporation (TSDI) participated in compiling the Long-term Railway Network Plan of China (Adjusted in 2008). As it now, TSDI is preparing the network planning for national thirteenth five-year plan.



1.Comprehensive Transport Planning of City Cluster

Entrusted by NDRC of the Chinese government, TSDI undertook the study on the overall transport network planning for four city clusters as Jingjinji Cluster, Harbin-Changchun Cluster, Liaozhongnan Cluster and Shandong Peninsula Cluster.



2. Railway Network Planning of Jiangxi Province

Structures a frame work of ‘Five south-north lines and five east-west lines’, so that the length of the network reaches 6000km, this makes connection with other six cities agglomeration a reality.

3. Railway Network Planning of Guizhou Province

In the long term, total mileage of railway in Guizhou will reach 8000km, with multiple track rates over 50%. This will form a frame with ‘Three south-north lines, four east-west lines and five radiate lines’. This network will cover more than 95% of economical fortified point and main resource of origin, industrial mineral- oriented counties, industrial zone and tourism attractions. With more than 3000km fast railway mileage, it will form a transport circle of 1-hour distance from Guiyang to main centre cities in Guizhou, 2-hour distance to other cities in Guizhou Province, 2-7 hour distance to capitals of other provinces and main economic districts in China.

4.General Planning of Railway Container Station

TSDI completed the general planning of 18 container centre stations in China railway container network, which was approved and confirmed by NDRC in August 2003.

5. Intercity Planning of Central Plain Urban Agglomeration

The main frame of central plain urban agglomeration reflects the concept of ‘Zhengzhou Oriented’, and ‘Cross shape development plan (Luoyang-Zhengzhou-Kaifeng-Xinxiang-Zhengzhou-Luohe)’. This planning has been approved by the government of Henan Province with partial early-stage study of project is ongoing.


6.Railway Planning of Caofeidian Industrial District

Entrusted by Tangshang Development and Reform Committee, TSDI undertook the railway planning work of Caofeidian Industrial District. This planning project is also a part of ‘General Planning of Industrialized Cities’


So far, Caofeidian Station, Caofeidian South Station, Caofeidian West Station and Caofeidian North Station have all been built, as well as mineral line, coal line, power plant line and other dedicated lines.